The Life of a Geologist!!!!!! 

        Welcome to the geolgist page! On this page we will talk about a geologists life. If you want to become a geolgist, you should read this page. We will try to update this page as much as we can. First we will start out with a few simple tools a geologist uses.

                                                                                                     This is a hardhat. 

                                                                                                  Behold, a hammer! He He He! 

                                                                                         This is a pouch that a geologist is to put his stuff in. 

Ok! now that we've got to the basic stuff let's talk about a geologist's life. What does a geologist do? Well a geologist is (a scientist who studies the structure of the earth. Now if you're wondering who studies igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks, that would be the Petrologist. If a scientist is needed in those parts then he will respond. But usually, a geologist will do soil samples, study volcanoes and earthquakes, and also study weathering. Weathering is(the process by which rocks break down by either physical or chemical weathering. 

                                                                                            Here is a geologist taking a soil sample! 

                                                This picture is of a bunch of students , led by a geologist, studying a volcano.  

Volcanoes can be very dangerous. You should ALWAYS, ALWAYS be with an experienced person when near a volcano. Here are some volcano pictures!

                                       Geologist Salaries.

If you are thinking for goelogy for your job here are the salerys

Median annual earnings of geoscientists were $72,660 in May 2006. The middle 50 percent earned between $51,860 and $100,650; the lowest 10 percent earned less than $39,740, the highest 10 percent more than $135,950.

The petroleum, mineral, and mining industries offer higher salaries, but less job security, than other industries because economic downturns sometimes cause layoffs.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, beginning salary offers in July 2007 for graduates with bachelor's degrees in geology and related sciences averaged $40,786 a year.

In 2007, the Federal Government's average salary was $87,392 for geologists, $100,585 for geophysicists, and 93,461 for oceanographers.

                                                                                              Geology Universities

If you are planning to go to a geology university here are some links to websites with lists of geology universities........

..... These are cool sites!!!!!
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